Visiting Katy TX Shopping Malls On Vacation

I’m currently researching the best Katy Texas shopping malls because I plan to visit the city next month and I really want to make sure I visit all of the top fashion boutiques in the region. What’s more, since I am from the UK, I want to have the experience of visiting a large US-style shopping mall because we don’t really have any in England. I hope there are some large malls in the US State of Texas that are like the ones I have seen in many Hollywood movies.

I have already booked my hotel accommodation for my stay in the city, but I need to start learning more about the best tourist attraction in Katy Texas to help inform my vacation itinerary. I am staying in the city for two weeks, so I’m hoping that that will be enough time to see all of the best sights and visit all of the best venues. One of the main places I know I definitely want to visit is Houston Zoo because I love animals and have never seen any Asian elephants in real life. I need to find out how much admission tickets cost and what the opening times are. I am traveling with my family, so I’m hoping there might be some discounts available for families with lots of children.

I know there are many good museums in Katy, so I need to make time to visit those so I can learn more about the history of the city. To be honest, I have always wanted to move to Texas, but I never had any idea as to which city would be the best one to live in. Perhaps I will have time to explore a few of the cities neighboring Katy during my vacation. Who knows, maybe I will fall in love with one of them and want to move there permanently. Of course, I know it is very hard to get a green card in the US, so I’m probably going to have to stick to looking at vacation homes only.

I plan to rent a car when I arrive in Texas and I’m assuming that there will be rental companies located at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I know the airport is around 70km from Katy TX. If I can’t rent a car on arrival, I guess I will have to rely on the public transport infrastructure in Texas.